Professional athletes spend a lot of time on the massage table for a reason — it boosts performance.


How it works

Visit ADR when you feel the need to alleviate tension, lengthen muscles, and increase range of motion in the body. Our therapist is trained in sports massage, deep tissue massage, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, and classic Swedish massage. While we offer massage for basic relaxation, our main focus is on recovery, injury prevention, and the facilitation of an active lifestyle.

You can book a single massage session, or opt for the more affordable option and sign up for a monthly membership.

Benefits of sports massage

Decreased muscle soreness: Research has shown that sports massage can decrease muscle soreness and reduce fatigue, allowing you to recover from your workout faster.  

Improved circulation: Massage increases circulation to muscles and tendons. This helps deliver nutrients and carry away waste products, allowing the body to rebuild stronger after exercise.

Increased range of motion: By targeting muscle-tendon junctions, sports massage improves your joints’ range of motion, which enhances performance and prevents injury.

Helps injury rehabilitation: For injured athletes, sports massage contains and reduces inflammation, loosens scar tissue, and normalizes the function of healed tissue.   

Relaxation: Just as with regular massage, sports massage helps you relax and recover mentally from the challenges of everyday life.