Let’s face it: working out all by your lonesome can be a real drag.
Our group workout classes solve that problem. 


How it works

Our classes combine the affordability of group sessions with the effectiveness of personal training. Classes are never more than six people — small enough for the trainer to give individual pointers, but social enough to make time fly by.

Small group training sessions are offered in monthly packages. Clients are free to mix and match classes as they please, but to maximize the benefits of monitored progression, we recommend keeping as much consistency in your class selection as your schedule allows. 

Not sure which one is right for you? You are always welcome to stop by and check out a class (provided there is enough space).

class descriptions

Power: ADR’s Power class focuses on developing long, lean muscles while building strength and power from the ground up. Everyone is regressed back to the basic major lifts to ensure proper form and efficiency of movement. Once proper form and technique have been checked off, we progress into more intense plyometric exercises and Olympic lifts.

Conditioning: This high-intensity class combines cardio and strength training. Each time-based round includes upper body, lower body, and core exercises to achieve total body activation. This class will challenge your cardiovascular system and your strength endurance.

Core and flexibility: This class works your entire core — from your hips to your shoulders. The flexibility component helps the body recover and promotes agility.

Yoga: ADR offers Hatha yoga for all levels. Yoga can be whatever you want it to be:  moving in ways that feel good or challenging yourself to lock your focus inward. With a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration, this class will nurture body, mind, and soul.