If you are new to fitness, recovering from an injury, or looking to break through a plateau, working with a personal trainer guarantees results.


How it works

To get started with one of our personal trainers, we invite you to come in for a free initial fitness assessment. During this session, the trainer will work with you to establish your baseline fitness and develop a personalized strategy to reach your goals.

After the initial assessment, personal training can be purchased in single sessions or on a monthly membership basis. Those who are new to fitness, recovering from an injury, or looking to reach peak fitness commonly select 12 or 16 sessions per month. For those wishing to maintain their current level of fitness, we recommend at least four sessions per month. 



New to personal training? Register for your free initial fitness assessment:

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Benefits of working with a personal trainer

Expertise: Our trainers are certified, accredited, and experienced. And they are excited to share their wealth of knowledge with you! You’ll learn proper form, periodization, and progression: all the tools you need to transform your mind and body.

Accountability: Many people who are new to fitness struggle with accountability and motivation. With a personal trainer, you are no longer alone. Studies show that accountability mechanisms are powerful tools in habit-forming efforts.

Custom plans: Your goals, workout preferences, family situation, and schedule are unique to you. A personal trainer will customize your fitness plans so that you can reach your goals without upending other aspects of your life.

Progression monitoring: A personal trainer will assess your current fitness status and track your progress throughout the program. You’ll see the inches come off, the body fat percentage drop, your posture improve, and your muscle mass increase.