ADR Form Academy 1: Building the Perfect Squat

Perhaps the world’s most well-known exercise, the squat is famous for good reason; it strengthens your entire body, increaes flexibility, and even boosts longevity

Unfortunately, the squat is also terribly easy to mess up, which can lead to poor muscle activation and even injury. How do we make sure that we squat correctly? It’s all in the prep work. Just like you wouldn’t start a running career by jumping straight into a marathon, you want to progress into weight bearing squats.

In today’s ADR Form Academy, we look at three exercises that are stepping stones to the squat. Once you can complete the first with perfect form, move on to the next. When you have all three down pat, you will have the strength, flexibility, coordination and movement patterns needed to put the perfect squat within your reach. 

1. Split Stance Squat

Known to many as a lunge, the split stance squat is a great way to get your core engaged while simultaneously practicing the deep knee bend movement pattern. 


2. Split Stance Squat with Overhead Press 

Progressing slightly from the basic split stance squat, this overhead variation challenges your core further and also adds some shoulder action. The challenge here is to perform the exercise without leaning forward - if you struggle with this here you will likely have the same problem with the back-loaded squat. 


3. Goblet Squat

With a Goblet squat you load the weight in the front rather than on your back. This helps counterbalance your weight which makes it easier to sit back and make sure that your weight is in your heels more than in your toes. Nailing down this movement pattern is crucial as you progress to a full back-loaded squat. 


Can you perform all these three exercises with perfect - and we mean perfect - form? Then congrats! You are well on your way to building an impeccable squat. And if the answer is no, stop on by the studio, and we will help you get there.

Many thanks to Keith for agreeing to be our model for this edition of ADR Form Academy!