Empowering strength and wellness — in the gym and out


Even if you spend two hours every day at the gym, more than 90 percent of your day is still spent out in the real world. At ADR you will get not only a great workout but also the tools you need to make sure the remainder of your day compliments — and doesn't compromise — your hard work at the gym.



Josh Allen

A former high school and college athlete, Josh knows firsthand how a good coach and a tight-knit team affects your performance. Today, he uses the same principles that propelled him to the highest levels of football to motivate others to get off the sideline and take responsibility for their fitness journey. Josh has helped his clients transform their lives, leaving old notions about limits in the rearview mirror. Josh works one-on-one with personal training clients, is a licensed massage therapist, and leads small group sessions.



Carlos Dukes

Carlos learned the importance of proper form the hard way. After a nasty sports injury early in his career, he is not shy about nagging his clients about form. Functional training, strength training, balance, and flexibility features heavily in his classes. His attention to detail will help you reach your fitness goals in a safe way — because nothing is more damaging to your progression than being sidelined with an injury. Carlos works one-on-one with personal training clients and leads small group training sessions.



All ADR trainers hold multiple certifications, including personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).